Google search home page revamp promotes other services

Google search home page revamp promotes other services.

Google is trialing one of its biggest changes to date of its home page.

The revamp strips its front page of the black bar that currently runs horizontally along its top, and replaces it with a grey logo.

When clicked, it reveals seven alternative services to the site's search page with an option to reveal a further eight.
Experts said the move was designed to promote more of the firm's businesses without cluttering its home page.
The new look is only being offered to a limited number of users at the moment.
A spokesman from Google said that the roll-out is designed to improve user experience.
"Constant revision and improvement is part of our overarching philosophy," he said.
"If you compare the original Google home page to today's version, you will see that a makeover every so often can certainly be refreshing."
Matching Chrome
Chris Green, principal technology analyst at Davies Murphy Group, said the move allowed the site to use icons without resembling Yahoo's busier design.
"They are trying to deal with how to service all the different Google properties without making the page cluttered, because Google is always very keen to hang onto the plain minimalist front page that they have always had," he said.
"The other thing that they are doing with those menus is making the page look like their Chrome netbook operating system.
"So whether you are using a Chromebook or the Google website the interface is the same."


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