Facebook launches new social music sharing service

Facebook has added a new listen with feature which allows users to enjoy the same song as a friend via the site at the same time.
The new listen witha buttons are being rolled out across Facebook from today onwards and effectively allows users friends to DJ for them using music services such as Spotify and Deezer.

Since f8, Facebooks annual developer conference, users have been able to utilise digital music service new apps to listen to music without leaving the site. Members have been able to see what their friends have been listening to since then, but not been able to listen at the same time to the same track.

The new listen with button, which will appear when a person is listening to Spotify or another service, below the update in the news feed, will allow others to listen to the same thing at the same time. The move may boost sign-ups to digital music services, as people will need to have an account to tune in simultaneously.

Yesterday, a senior UK Facebook executive, called upon British radio stations to create social apps for the social network in a bid to boost social listening via the web.

Speaking at a radio industry event called 'Redefining Radio', at the Houses of Parliament, Karla Geci, head of strategic partner development at Facebook, said radio companies should be the top of people music experiences on the social networking site. Last September at f8, Mark Zuckerberg, the site founder, unveiled these new types of social apps which allowed people to listen to songs, watch movies and read news content, without leaving the site. Initial music partnerships have been mainly with streaming sites such as Spotify and Deezer as opposed to radio stations.

However, Geci thinks British radio companies need to create similar apps to provide a more embedded social experience for people wanting to listen to the same radio station as their friends while surfing the site.

There is room for radio stations at the top of the Facebook dashboard and they should be there she said.

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